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About The Dictators

We are a deranged 20-24man raiding guild who enjoys progressing while fucking around a lot.

As of current we are 13/13 Normal 7/13 Heroic HFC
We have really late raid times for some.
We are really laid back on easy content but we get down and serious on progression content.
Our raid times are 

Monday : 9 Pm Pst - 12 Am Pst.
Thursday : 9 Pm Pst - 12 Am Pst.
Sunday : 9 Pm Pst - 12 Am pst.

Also heads up, we are very offensive, Vulgar and we joke around a lot. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so if you can't take a joke or are kind of sensitive I wouldn't suggest you contacting us.

This should explain our raid atmosphere really well.

Apply and feel free to Speak with Mecasses in game. Real ID is Apollexis#1142

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